“It’s artwork! Jenny always makes our family’s birthday cakes, and each time we anticipate seeing the cakes as much as we love eating them. She combines her culinary expertise with true artistry that results in a feast for the eyes! Her signature cakes are as delicious as they are beautiful.” ~Kelly & Brian

“At my age, birthdays are not the fun things they used to be, but Jenny’s cake made it a cause for celebration. Brava, Jenny!” ~Anna

“Her mission was to make me laugh with a whimsical cake. It worked!” ~Jane

“Sinfully delicious, fusion of know-how and taste……addictive without getting in trouble with the law….” ~Marga

“I have had the pleasure of experiencing a few of Jenny’s cakes, and they are truly special in every way! I have rarely tasted such fine quality in baking, and Jenny’s vision results in creations that supersede those of any bakery in town. The visual beauty of her baking is just an added delight to go with how delicious the experience is.” ~Mila


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